Profiles & Testimonials

At The Global Spirits Masters Competitions we work with a wide range of carefully selected specialist judges, as well as a huge client base of the industry’s most exciting, disruptive brands who we nurture through a personalised marketing strategy both during and after the competitions. Here’s what some of our esteemed judges and most successful clients have to say about working with us.

Bernadette Pamlin

“The Global Spirits Masters are a fantastic competition that offers brands an opportunity to receive detailed feedback from spirits experts, as well as detailed publicity on the Spirits Business site and in their magazine, which has a large and respected reach in the industry.

I enjoy judging as part of this event first and foremost because the team are lovely and great to work with. In addition to this there are always a lot of interesting entries for each category. I do also like that the categories are also split by pricing and we can consider the value for money that consumers are getting from the spirits they buy.”

Matt Chambers

“I think (The Global Spirits Masters) shows where a brand or a particular expression sits against their contemporaries within a category. This is true for established brands as well as new ones. The medals can give an indication of where potential improvement could happen or be seen as a celebration of a job well done.

It offers (judges) the opportunity to sample spirits from a wide breadth of categories. I predominantly work within the whisky world, but even within that there have been whiskies entered that I never would have had the chance to taste and assess otherwise”

Tim Whitefield

“Tanglin Gin is made in Singapore, our home town is relatively new to the spirits industry and a comparatively small market. We knew from the outset that we need to be recognised as a global brand to succeed. The best way for small brands to be recognised on the global stage, especially in a crowded category like Gin, is to have a premium product that is consistent and is recognised through awards. The Global Spirits Masters is the perfect awards program to raise a global awareness beyond the shore line of the little red dot that is the Lion City of Singapore.

Being honoured with the Taste Master award was for us a validation of what our team already knew, that we had created a fantastic spirit. We are a small craft producer, leading the way in Singapore as the first gin distillery, it was brilliant to be able to show what new producers can achieve… It has helped us secure new customers and it’s been a great way to start a conversation with potential distributors in China, that we make the best spirit in Asia.”

Eric Sampers

“Winning the Taste Master was a massive accomplishment for us - to be recognized by such a respected voice in the industry, it was one of the key ingredients to our success this year. It was the thing that announced we had arrived.

It was important to participate in The Global Spirits Masters Competitions quite simply, because taste matters - and we think The Global Spirits Masters and their judges, know to taste better than most.”

Sheyan Patel

“The global nature of the trade audience of The Spirits Business, coupled with the breadth of the judging panel, make this a no-brainer for any spirit brand, but especially a recently launched Mezcal!

We only launched in December (2020), and to win an award of this prestige the very next month was a real honour. It also really helped raise our awareness with the trade, which was crucial for us as we were launching during the covid lockdown.”